10 Best Things to Do in New Forest

People who want to relax are attracted to the New Forest’s historic woods and natural attractions heathland. The forest, which is a National Park, is located across sections of Hampshire, east Dorset, and Wiltshire. New Forest is also famous for outdoor enthusiasts due to its gorgeous landscape and accessible trekking and riding opportunities. With so many paths, rivers, and coastlines to choose from, you may go paddleboarding or horseback riding around the region. The New Forest is one of England’s few national parks, and a visit there should be in your book because it is easy to reach from London and the rest of the nation.

Let’s check out the list of the best things to do in the New Forest right. 

1.New Forest National Park

New Forest National Park

It contains both the heart and the totality of the New Forest. New Woodland National Park, spans portions of Wiltshire, Dorset, and Hampshire. It is best recognized for its heathland, paths, and magnificent ponies. Nature enthusiasts will adore New Forest, National Park. You can hike, bike, or ride your path across hundreds of kilometers of breathtaking scenery. Bolderwood, the Deer Sanctuary, is the primary attraction. You may see the magnificent deers whilst enjoying a picnic in this gorgeous region. There are a lot of things to do in the New Forest National Park. Thus, you can spend one day visiting here. 

2. Exbury Gardens

Exbury Gardens

It’s a hectare informal forest garden between Beaulieu and The Solent in Hampshire. Exbury Gardens is perfect for a delightful family day out. It has two wonderfully designated picnic spots and also features a tearoom where you can have some homemade ice cream. The Exbury Steam Railway is the actual standout attraction, with adventure paths designed for children. Summer Lane Garden takes guests across the pond and into the lovely American Garden. Tickets are £18.75, which includes the 20-minute train trip. Put that on your list of things to do in New Forest

3. St. Barbe Museum

St Barbe Museum

St. Barbe has a fantastic museum and gallery with historical artifacts. It is conveniently placed in the heart of Lymington. This museum has received accolades for its intriguing exhibits on the town and the New Forest’s history. Its excellent rotating exhibitions ensure that there is always something new on display every time of the year. Via the artwork of the local community and beyond, visitors may learn about the history of Lymington and the New Forest. If you are a history lover, it’s one of the things to do in New Forest. 

4. Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary

Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary

An observation platform overlooks a huge meadows region at which a group of fallow deer usually gathers at Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary. When they’re not there, wait until mealtime. It is between midday and 3 p.m., and they’ll come running. 

The deer sanctuary has several excellent hiking paths, such as one across Bolderwood’s Ancient and Ornamental Woodland. One of the nicest options to do in the New Forest is to hike around. Douglas Fir and Redwoods, native beech, and oak are among the tallest trees in the New Forest. They’ve been here for a long time. Seeing a deer is probably one of the best things to do in the New Forest. 

5. The Beach at Milford on Sea

Milford on Sea 

Milford on Sea is a charming seaside town. It’s a beautiful section of England on the south shore of the New Forest. You may relax in the town or take a stroll at Hurst Castle. About 40-min stroll along the peninsula will reward you with a stunning Henry VIII castle and impressive scenery. There is also a delightful Greek Restaurant you can enjoy the Meditteranean cuisine. 

6. Cycling Around The New Forest

Cycling in the New Forest is a great way to see everything it has to provide. The New Forest has mile after mile of cycling tracks to explore, and it’s a great way to do so. You may either ride your bicycles up and check what’s going on. Alternatively, the New Forest has several bike rental outlets. For an excellent spot to rent a bike, go to Woods Cyclery in Lymington. Cycling in the New Forest will undoubtedly be one of your favorite things to do in the New Forest. It’s simply a fantastic place for seeing the countryside.

7. The National Motor Museum

National Motor Museum

You should plan to Visit Motor Museum in Beaulieu to spice up the excitement. The ticket cost £15 and gives you access to 250 automobiles from various periods. Head up to Palace House when you’ve exhausted. It has the secret army display and the World of Top Gear, both of which are available for the same admission price. The number one thing to do in the New Forest is generally this. 

8. New Forest Otter; Owl and Wildlife Park

The New Forest Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park, where you can view these two breeds visually, is a hoot. If you’re lucky, you can see bison, deers, a lynx, and also a variety of interesting plants. Also, there is a tropical butterfly house and plenty of opportunities to learn about wildlife rehabilitation. It’s one of the things to do in the New Forest to take kids. They’ll have a wonderful time.

9. Visit New Forest Ponies 

They may be found throughout, but particularly at Beaulieu and Brockenhurst. If you can’t locate them, you can check outdoor at the Balmer Lawn Hotel there are many. They’re wild, yet highly used to human interaction. The ponies are the National Park’s icon, and they receive priority there. Even over walkers, bikers, and traffic. If you’re trapped in a traffic bottleneck in the New Forest, it’s probably because of a pony!

10. Go Kayaking on the Beaulieu River 

Only New Forest Activities are permitted to utilize the river for recreational purposes. You may kayak up to Beaulieu on a self-guided excursion. It charges £27 for 3 hours and includes unlimited trips along the river. The only river in England not held by the Queen is the Beaulieu River. It belongs to Lord Montague, who also possesses the riverbed. Something about Henry VIII’s great grandparents receiving it earlier in the day. The enormous, beautiful mansions that border the riverbed may be seen when kayaking in the New Forest.

New Forest is a spectacular place to visit for nature admirers. We hope you like our guide to things to do in the New Forest. If you ever need transportation service while exploring the New Forest area, you can always contact us for our New Forest taxi service. 



1- Can you walk anywhere in the New Forest?

Stick to the forest’s trails and tracks if you want to avoid getting lost. Walking on heathland and grassland is not recommended since it may disrupt natural ecosystems and wildlife. You can choose one of the 140 miles of trails, so visiting the region is not restricted.

2- Can you drive through the New Forest?

Yes, driving is possible through the New Forest. You can take several routes that lead through the forest as well as cities and villages. On forest roads, the speed restriction is 40 mph. The speed limit is 30 mph in towns and villages.

3- Do you need a car for New Forest?

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive, the New Forest is a perfect place to visit. Sightseeing will be simple with lots of local transportation, hikes, and paths accessible to most of our New Forest properties.

4- Is it free to go to New Forest?

Yes. The New Forest has no entrance fee. There are several visitor attractions and activity organizations in the New Forest that require payment. Exploring woods, heathland, and the seaside, on the other hand, is completely free.

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